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Monday, March 09, 2015
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Picking the ideal wedding dress is a huge deal for every single bride out there – but so is choosing everything else that’s meant to complement her look. How to choose a hairstyle that looks really good on you? Here are some tips to help you out:

·         Don’t go for anything that’s too far from your usual hairstyle. For instance, if you usually like letting your hair down, you might not feel comfortable with an up-do. At the same time, you should try to steer clear of making any kind of drastic changes right before the wedding (such as changing your hair color or your hair’s length, for example).

·         Bring some examples with you when you “try on” your hairstyle. Photos of different styles you like, a sample off your dress, a picture of you in your wedding gown – all these things can help. However, try to listen to your stylist’s advice as well. Even if you don’t actually like what he/she suggests, you should be open to trying it at least. After all, these people are have a lot of experience in doing this.

·         Use accessories. Same as with your wedding gown, you will want to accessorize your bridal hairstyle as beautifully as possible. From pins to tiaras, there’s a huge variety of bridal hair accessories you can try out – so don’t forget to take them into consideration. Also, if you or your stylist feel that you need some extra length or fullness for a particular style, be open to trying some hair extensions too.

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