Don’t fall behind in your wedding planning, create a checklist to keep yourself on track!
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Monday, March 02, 2015
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Planning a wedding is never an easy task – no matter how small and informal you want your Big Day to be. If you want to make sure everything is in order for the wedding, you should absolutely create a checklist. This will help you keep yourself on the right track and it will help you organize everything in a coherent and time-friendly way too.

How to create a wedding planning checklist? Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind:

·         For the first wedding planning phase (16-9 months before the Big Day), your checklist should include the following: creating the guest list, creating a wedding folder (for inspiration), choosing the wedding party, creating a budget, picking the venue setting the wedding date, researching the photographer, the florist, the band/DJ and the caterer and throwing the engagement party (if you choose to have it, of course).

·         For the second wedding planning phase (approximately 8 months before the wedding date), your checklist should include the following: hiring the photographer/ entertainment providers, meeting the caterers, creating and launching a wedding website (if you choose to have one), reserving a block for the out-of-town guests and starting your wedding dress search as well (preferably settling on a design too, so that you can make all the alterations necessary in due time).

·         For the third wedding planning phase (about 7-6 months before), your checklist should include the choosing the invitations, the officiant and the bridesmaids dresses, sending the Save the Date cards, hiring a florist and transportation, reserving the lighting and other structural necessities and starting to plan your day-of timeline as well.

·         For the fourth wedding planning phase (about 5-4 months before), your checklist should include: choosing a cake, booking the rehearsal dinner venue, choosing the music, attending wedding dress fittings and booking your hair and makeup artists too.

·         For the fifth wedding planning phase (about 3 months before the Big Date), your checklist should include the following: finalizing the menu and the flowers, ordering the favors, purchasing the undergarments, sending your wedding ceremony and reception schedule to your vendors and purchasing the wedding rings.

·         For the sixth wedding planning phase (approximately 2 months before the wedding day), your checklist should include: revising your requirements with the vendors, meeting and talking to the photographer, reviewing the playlist, sending out the invitations (some couples choose to do this much sooner, about 6 months before the wedding) and submitting a newspaper announcement too.

·         For the seventh wedding planning phase (1 month before), the checklist should include the following: getting your marriage license, stocking the bar, e-mailing and printing out the directions for the drivers, making as many final payments as you can, creating a seating chart and purchasing the bridesmaids’ gifts.

·         The last week of your wedding should be dedicated to re-confirmations for the vendors, picking up the dress, assigning someone to take care of the day-of payments that have to be made (and giving them the envelopes with the money) and, overall, relaxing. You are about to make a huge step in your life so this week should be as stress-free as possible!


If you need help with your wedding planning, do not hesitate to call for our help. Here at The Gala House, we have specialized in helping brides and grooms create and plan the perfect wedding – and our experience and passion will surely come in handy for your own Big Day too! 

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