Wedding planning is definitely scary, make sure you are prepared!
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Monday, March 30, 2015
By wedding planning problems, wedding planning tips
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Regardless of how large or small you want your wedding to be, planning it will be quite difficult. The good news is that every little planning-related issue can be solved! To help you out, we have gathered some of the “scariest” scenarios that could happen when planning for the Big Day – and we have provided you with some great solutions as well. Make sure to read on and find out more!


  • ·         Your dream venue is not suitable for the length of your guest list. If you have your heart set on a venue, but if your guest list exceeds its maximum capacity by a lot, you will probably be very upset. However, keep in mind that there are solutions: you can either narrow down the list of guests or you can find a new venue (and trust us, there are a lot of them that are absolutely amazing). Sit down and think of what matters the most to you (being surrounded by everyone you know or getting married in a very specific location) – and then decide on what to do next.
  • ·         Problems with the bridesmaids’ dresses. If you want your maids to look just as beautiful as you (and as your wedding), any problem that may arise with their dresses may feel like “the end of the world”. For example, some of the bridesmaids may not like the dresses you have chosen for them. In this case, you can talk to them about what they like and do not like about your choice and find something that suits both of your ideas.
  • ·         Weather-related issues. If the forecast is not looking very “bright” for your wedding day, you should not despair. Talk to your venue’s manager about a “backup plan” in case it rains and make sure to tell your florist to change the arrangements in a way that will make them work indoors too.


The Gala House can help you plan a stress-free unforgettable wedding – so if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experience in dealing with all sorts of problems that may appear will definitely make everything easier for you – so that you can truly enjoy your Big Day!



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