What does your wedding dress say about you?
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Monday, March 16, 2015
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Choosing a wedding dress is very often an extremely emotional moment for a bride-to-be. However, not many of the ladies out there realize that their choice says a lot about their personality. What does your own wedding gown style say about you? Read on and find out more.

·         A-line. It is believed that women who choose an A-line wedding gown like simple elegance and that they always look good – but never over-the-top. These ladies like tradition and they will most likely stick to it when for their Big Day!

·         Ball gown. As you may have guessed it, ladies who choose ball gown styles for their weddings are considered to be hopelessly romantic. It is very likely that you will want a wedding that is full of flowers, candles and other romantic touches.

·         Mermaid style. If you have your heart set on a mermaid style wedding dress, it is quite likely that you are a very glamorous person – and your wedding will reflect this as well!

·         Tea-length. If you have chosen a tea-length dress for your Big Day, you are most likely a big fan of Audrey Hepburn and her fashion sense. You like elegance and fashion – and you really know how to “use” these to make yourself feel absolutely amazing. Your wedding will be timeless, extremely elegant and extremely personal too.

·         Pantsuit. If you are among those ladies who do not even want to wear an actual dress for the Big Day, you are most likely a person with a very strong personality and with an even stronger sense of fashion as well. Your wedding will probably be small, intimate and full of emotion.


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